Resumé Hemant R. Mohapatra

15 . 06 . 2001

General / Education / Employment / Skills

Contact Details
Phone (India - Bombay) : + ----
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Date of Birth : 15th July, 1981
Current Residence : Powai, Mumbai
Citizenship : Indian

Summary of Skills

Wide degree of Unix and Network design skills and a broad base of exposure to programming related to Internet protocols, Unix Kernel design and Hardware support. Close to three years administrative experience of large Unix/Linux/Solarix/Mixed networks, and a total of four years of extensive experience with Unix/Linux/Solarix/HPUX and Windows. Ability to manage large projects and supervise/coordinate, maintain accurate documentation and secure networks in hostile environments.



  • Higher Secondary Education (HSC), Deepika E.M. School, Rourkela-Orrisa, 1996.
  • Senior Secondary Education (SSC), Deepika E.M. School, Rourkela-Orrisa, 1998.
  • Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, 2002.
  • Additional Training

  • Unix System Administration, Network Intrusion Detection and Security, Operating System Optimization, TCP/IP Internetworking. 1999-2002.
  • Organizer - Hacking Contest, Techfest-2001
  • Organizer - Networking Workshop, Techfest-2001
  • Employment/Projects

    Part time

    Responsibilities include:

  • Management of systems and networks for two large Class B Networks. --comment this--Zonnet and --comment this--24 hours.
  • Solaris & Red-Hat Linux system administration
  • Administration of Cisco routers and Unmanaged Level-2 Cache Switches.
  • Configuration, installation and management of SSLClients and Servers/Network Intrution Detection Systems/Webservers, LDAP and SMTP (mail) servers
  • Management of Large Workstations and Gateway Servers.
  • Analysis diagnosis and troubleshooting of network, server and software faults
  • Documentation of systems and softwares
  • November 2000 -
    June 2002

    Computer Center, IIT Bombay

    Responsibilities include:

  • Implementation, management and maintenance of all departmental computer and network resources.
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures relating to IT/Networking issues.
  • Design, purchase, install and operate WindowsNT/2000, Linux and BSDUnix NetBSD, Linux machines to be used by staff, postgraduate students and undergraduate students.
  • Maintain existing BNC network and design, implement, install and maintain new 10/100Mbps UTP network, using Cisco routers and 3Com Fast Ethernet Hubs and switches.
  • Management of mission critical email, DNS and WWW systems (Sendmail, Bind, Apache)
  • Maintain network, server and workstation security especially for machines that are in direct connection to the internet and thur more vulnerable to attacks from outside.
  • Software design for local systems (Internet Traffic accouting, Effective Routing within the existing LAN using IPchains and Firewalls, printer accounting)
  • November 1995 -
    November 1996
    Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

    Network Programmer

    LAN Laboratories, IIT Bombay.

    Responsibilities include:

    • Creating a Database of all the students of IIT and prepare a Secure CAS (Central Authentication Server) for them.
    • Network software design and creation of a userdefine TCP/IP protocol stack on an ordinary 8051 Microcontroller
    • SNMP monitoring of Cisco routers)
    • Network Troubleshooting (BNC & UTP ethernet networks)
    • Experience with Wireless LAN's.
    May 2001 -
    July 2001

    Nostrum Technologies, Hydrabad

    Vacation Work Experience

    Creation of a SMS/WAP based Chat server that supports both Mobile Clients as well as HTTP (Internet) clients.

    • Usage of WAP Gateways and SMS boxes for testing and simulation purposes.
    • Understanding of the WAP protocol structure, Wireless Networks and WML/XML interface designs.

    Other Part-time Experiences

    February 2000 

    Techfest - 2001

    Network Installation

    During this period I undertook and supervised the installation of a part Class-C part Class-B network for Techfest-2001, one of the biggest technological festivals in India. The network was setup from scratch using UTP Cables, 3Com Hubs and Cisco Routers.

    March 2000 

    Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

    Network Security Incharge - Institute Elections - 2000

    • Design and deployment of switched UTP networks in 11 Hostels around the whole campus.
    • Installation and configuration of secure servers for the Online Elections.
    • Network fault diagnosis
    • General IT consulting

    November 1999 -
    January 2000

    Department Of Chemical Engg, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

    Lisp Code Programming for feature addition to Emacs.

    Work undertaken included:

    • Adding features to Emacs (a linux based Editor) using LISP.

    Computer Center, IIT Bombay.

    membership of the Institute Network Connectivity council. The project, which aims to provide the whole of IIT a complete connectivity, is worth more than 1 crore and deals with total upgradation of the whole LAN of IIT (except the Backbone Optical Fibre Network).