Using the Web to Teach History

History Cultures Project 2001 - 2002


Gil is a 7/8th grade teacher at W.T. Eich Intermediate school in Roseville
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Camille Leonhardt

Goal: To provide teacher professional development in the use of technology in the classroom that focuses on improving the quality of teacher instruction and the level of student learning in the classroom.

Requirements of the program:

Co-payment from your school district of $1000 per team.

Attend one week institute (40 hour summer institute)

Each teacher or school team needs to create a Unit of Practice incorporating the use of technology to teach history.

Follow up hours: 80 hours of professonal development (total of 120 hours)

You may do the following activities to fulfill those hours:

1. Attend the two follow up Saturdays (required)
2. Team collaboration on UOP
3. Personal time working on your UOP
4. Attending workshops that you are not paid to attend
5. Time spent on computer based training modules
6. Presenting technology workshops

You will be paid by the CSU Business Office a total of $1,000 in two $500 installments. The first $500 stipend will be paid in December, 2001, when at least sixty hours are completed. The second $500 stipend will be paid in June, 2002, when the remaining sixty hours, unit of practice, and final CTAP assessment is completed.

Session 1

Date: July 16 - 20, 2001
Meeting Room: Kerr Hall 176
Computer Lab: TB135
Time: 8:30 - 4:30 p.m

.Session 2

Date: July 30 - Aug. 3, 2001
Meeting Room: Kerr Hall 176
Computer Lab: TB134
Time: 8:30 - 4:30 p.m.

CTAP assessment

All participants must take this CTAP assessment in order to meet the funding's requirement and to be paid. You will once again take this assessment in the spring when we are about to complete the program.


Presenters and their Resources

Andy Jones Home Page and Search Engine Guide

Deb Harkness Collection of Web Sites

Daniel Goldstein

Valid users of the UC Davis licensed digital resources may use a proxy service to access the sources. To use the proxy service one must first configure one's browser to use the service. See instructions at Be sure to have your campus Login ID and password.To get your Login ID and password, you must submit your social security and birthdate to Gil Gorospe. Then log in to

Gil Gorospe's Web Site

Camille Leonhardt's Collection of Web Sites


Tech Advisors: These teachers can help answer your questions and guide you in your UOP. Feel free to email them with any of your concerns.

1. Eva La Mar (Elementary school teacher) Email Eva

Bernie Dodge's web site for webquests:

Fair Use of Copyrighted Materials:

2. Tim Youngs (Middle School teacher) Email Tim

3. Pam Tindall (High School teacher) Email Pam


Lost your forms? Forms PDF

Form for follow up hours

Form for UOP (Unit of Practice)