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(Matt formally reneges his affiliation with this site, as of now)G’day, in this damn kick ass web page is everything u wanna know about shit that its totally illegal in our gay country, but mostly legal in the United States of Anus. We got information on weapons such as automatic assault rifle, pistols, revolvers and other kick ass autos and explosives. Our gun gallery is continuously updated, and if there are any pictures of stuff u want, email us.


There is some cool shit you can do at home, but don’t be a wanker and blow your fucking hands off, coz then I might hear about it and kinda almost feel bad…ALMOST! But don’t go doing this shit unless you are a highly experienced pyro maniac or really know what you are doing. If u want to blow up some dick’s letter box…look no further.


There are other plans on making some cool shit, including complete diagram of the “Atomic Bomb”,


-         gun gallery

-         Matt’s Summary and Chris’ Home made stuff

-         Matt & Chris’ Hate page

-         Diagram of the Atomic Bomb





Gun Gallery



Small Arms, (larger cal. Short length ammo)






F-7                               Mini-Uzi                         Micro- Uzi                   Full Uzi w/ slide stock


                                                                    AUG P-90

                                                        P-90 dismantled



MP5A3                                                                            MP5K



Auto Assault Rifles



AK-47 w/ fold stock                                               AK-74 fixed stock, other cool xtras

AUG F-88 Steyr                                                 Steyr dismantled
























































































































































                                                        Micro-Uzi                                Micro-Uzi          Uzi w/ slide stock


































































MAG-58                                                                  AUG F89-Minimi


M2HB4  12.7mm




















































If there are any other guns or information ect, OR anything other things u think would make this site better email us at