Power grid introduction

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A powerful visual basic grid control -- EasyGrid

Visit homepage at http://www.share2.com/easygrid/ -- Or -- Download Now

If you are searching a power grid for your application. AAA EasyGrid is that you are looking for, you may visit http://www.share2.com/easygrid/ to download it or get more information. AAA EasyGrid is a standard ActiveX/COM which you can build your own application with it.

AAA EasyGrid ActiveX has very powerful functions including:
  • Editable grid cells.
  • Grid support pictures, checkbox, list, drop list, radio button, and so on.
  • Merge and unmerge grid cells.
  • Support Visual Basic, MS IE, Visual C++, Delphi, Powerbuilder, c++ Builder, Visual Foxpro, and so on.
  • Export to HTML, Excel and connect to many databases use ODBC, OLEDB or ADODB.
  • Convert from excel file to it own data format.
    You can convert from it own data format to any data format use ODBC, OLEDB, ADODB or any other interfaces.
  • Excel-like spreadsheet functions.
  • Powerful print/preview functions, which can be used in MS internet Explorer with HTML.
  • Many MS Excel-like functions such as chart, spreadsheet, expression calculation and so on.

Visit homepage at http://www.share2.com/easygrid/ -- Or -- Download Now