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Welcome To The City Of Dragonballz.

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7/5/2k1 What up . I am just letting everyone know that I will not be updating for about 3 weeks. Because the site must switch servers. But when it is up again it will be better then ever. Just please enjoy what is here and come back to see the new changes that are made in the future.

6/20/2k1 What up everyone ,  I have decided to take off the multimedia and leave you with raw mugen. I am going to add some more chars by Friday and maybe change the layout a little bit.

6/18/2k1 Hey I am big update is done and you will see it throughout the week . So check the site everyday to see what's going on.

6/7/2k1 What up everybody. The end of the week is almost here,(Sunday) and things are changing. I am planning to update the chars with some more Dbz chars as well as some Marval Capcom chars.

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