Gifting Central

This program has no matrix, uplines, downlines or any other complication. Just a simple plan that pays you for your work.

You not going to make a million just a few thousand for an hour a day. Letís be realists, nobody makes money from nothing.

This program uses e-gold because is the safest and quickest way to transfer money over the net.

1.††††† Gift the follow 4 e-gold accounts with US $ 10 each.





2.††††† Put as your memo ďgifting central.Ē

3.††††† In the memo for the last account sent you email and e-gold account number. This is very important, as it is your fee for processing and hosting.

†† 4. Within 24 hours you will receive a web page just like this with

†††††† your e-gold account at the top for you to promote via free ad

†† ††††sites etc. DO NOT SPAM

†† 5. When someone else joins with your account number on the top

†††††† we push it down to number 2 and so on.


†† 6. Once we receive a message indicating your number is at

†††††† number 3 we will inform you and ask for a testimonial.

Thatís is.

Hereís the numbers

If 10 people join thatís $100

If those people get 10 people each thatís (100 people) $1000

If those 10 people get another 10 thatís (1000 people) $ 10,000

Not bad for $10

If you need a free e-gold account click here††††††††† If you need to credit your e-gold account click here.