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Chemainus Fuller Lake Motel

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Explore Vancouver Island From One  Central Location in Chemainus-Relax & Enjoy Yourself !

Chemainus Fuller Lake Motel

9300 Smiley Road,

Chemainus British Columbia

(Vancouver Island) Canada V0R-1K0

Phone 250-246-3282

Fax 250-246-3445

 Toll Free Reservations & Information


Chemainus Is....World Renowned Mural Capital

Chemainus Is....The Little Town That "Did"

Chemainus Is....A "Brush" With History

Chemainus Boasts....Live Dinner Theatre  

Chemainus Boasts....Antique Emporiums

Chemainus Boasts....Fine Artisans

Chemainus Boasts....Fine Restaurants


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