Project: THINK?

About 3 years ago a friend and I were wandering the streets of Hamilton at 4am when we noticed in bold black marker the word "THINK?" Now this seemed like an odd form of graffiti and we began to find other words of the same ilk every where "Fix sign" or "dis-ease?" So we did think about how this affects the reader. We had come up with a project to get people to think. Quickly we came up with a mascot to present a satirical conservative message named Tori the Kill-bot, she was an image of a young catholic school girl with a heart on her little fascist arm band and bolts protruding from her neck. The basic idea was to give control a HAPPY face and a bitter taste. We came up with some messages to get a rise from people like Tori the Kill-bot says:
  • Opinions will get you killed.
  • Nicotine & alcohol are Holy Communion.
  • Individuals are easy targets.
  • Do not confront, avoid.
  • Have you hugged a nazi today?
  • Caring solves nothing.
  • Obey your way to heaven; think your way to hell.
  • The squirrels are watching.
  • Money is the answer.
  • Self interest is the only interest, act accordingly.
  • Caring will make you poor.
  • No one likes an activist.
  • Weakness in others is your only power.
  • Even Hitler painted roses.
  • Demand unearned rewards.
  • Peace through hate & racial incoherence.

    We made copies with the cute little picture of tori on the side and posted them at 4 in the morning where the local bands advertise or on any pole we could find. It didnít take long for people to notice our playful little experiment. I had heard people I know talking about this weird poster they had read. Well My idea is to get a few KULT members to brainstorm on some poster ideas, put them in an easy format so that people can print up and cover there town with them in the wee hours of the morning.
    Tori the Kill-Bot

    The Kult