Welcome to the latest venture by the PR crew- a cheap little porn site where you can purchase discs full of porn clips and full movies for fuck all. We know this is a dumbass idea but we need to generate a bit more income and this seemed the ideal way of doing it short of asking for handouts- plus this way you get something back- something we're sure you'll spend hours enjoying yourself with, but we don't wanna really go into or know anything about that. The prices are simples- $5 for a disc full of mixed movies or $10 for an entire movie, your average piece of pornographic cinema. It'll also cost you $2 postage regardless of the number or discs but get over it. Below is a list of whats available and pretty much everything else you need to know- we'll add more as we get it. To buy- just go to the possessed site and follow the directions for buying the usual merchandise. We'll get that shit right out to you. No worries- enjoy.

Mixed porn Volume I: 650 meg ?? clips $5 plus postage

Mixed porn Volume II: 800 meg ?? clips $5 plus postage