EX Software wants to give you the things you want. If you may have any suggestions or comments, please email us at the address below. If you have heard of Chat-Inc, then you might know that it is part of the EX Software community. So you can find Chat-Inc software on this page. (Such as, The Chat-Inc Browser.)

EX Software


The Chat-Inc Browser: Internet browser
Nice looking browser powered by Noble Ox. It is sure to become one of your favorites. Complete with all the capabilities of Internet Explorer and more!
Click Here
to download The Chat-Inc Browser

The Thing Portable Version: Text/html editor
The Thing portable version is a lightweight program designed for people with multiple computers, but limited disk space.  It is one very small file that could even go on an old floppy.
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to download The Thing Portable Version

The Thing Deluxe: Text/html editor
The Thing Deluxe is a well organized program, that supports baby windows. It even has a sleek toolbar for easy access.
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to download The Thing Deluxe

More software coming soon! Put EX Software on your favorites today! Come back and "check up" for new amazing software titles!

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