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This web page exists for basically one reason: Shameless exploitation of my literary efforts. It is my goal to expose as many people as possible to my writing endeavors. I don't care if you love my poetry or if you hate it, I am just content to have vast numbers of people reading it. It is my goal to update this page on a monthly basis, until every last one of my poems has been displayed here. Once that has occurred, I'll have to think of something more exciting to do with this page. Click the link, to view pictures of my nephew, Connor. For those of you who are musically inclined, be sure to check out Brad's Guitar Player and Teacher Page! Please be sure and sign my Guestbook! Thanks!! Enjoy! If you happen to hate my poetry, try my brother's page, you may prefer his style to mine! I have a new favorite place to eat in New York, Peanut Butter & Co. This place has the best fresh ground peanut butter I've ever had! Visit them at 240 Sullivan Street in the Village!

Now you can finally see who I am! Click here to visit the new, about the author page!


  1. The Rat Poems
  2. Poems About Some Boys I Once Knew
  3. Poems About Romance in General
  4. Poems About On-Line Experiences
  5. Poems Without a Category

Short-Short Stories

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