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Any of a group of NEUROTRANSMITTERS, affecting mood, perception of pain,memory retention, and learning. Chemically similar to opium-derived NARCOTICS. Endorphins also attach to receptors and appear to be the brain's own natural painkillers. Besides behaving as pain regulators, endorphins are believed to contribute to euphoric feelings.

Words of warning

Have you ever been so terrified that your breath froze in your mouth?

Have you ever been so furious that your heart felt seconds away from combustion?

Have you ever been so despondent that you couldn't stop laughing?

Haven't we all.

Happy words

If you're digging into us, trying to find something to love, stop. There's nothing there for you. If you want to find a valid reason why we hate people for no reason; then wake up. Sooner or later, you'll have to look at us.

Here we are.

Look at us.

We're only as far as your mirror.

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