Welcome to e-art!  We are here for the sole purpose of providing you with a fast, free and simple art site.  Our goal is to start a purely artistic site, and eventually start our community through a newsletter or free membership opportunity.  Once we reach this point, we will also provide online chats, and perhaps, eventually, free email service.  It is our hope that this site proves useful to artists of all kinds.
Interested in entering a piece?

If you would like to share your artistic talent with others send a piece of your work to us.  We will review the piece, and eventually, post it on the site.  We accept art, photography, music (tabs, chords or  lyrics of original songs), and literature (i.e. poetry, short stories, etc.)  When entering your pieces, remember that this is a share site, and open to everyone.  Any inappropriate entries will immediately be discarded, and will not be displayed on the site.  For more information see Contact Us.

Comments or Suggestions?

Drop us an email and let us know what you think of the site.  Do you think it is artsitic enough?  Too artistic?  Do you have any suggestions for what we might do to improve our site.  As you know we are a very new site and are always looking for suggestions about content or design.  We are very interested in what you think, so let us know.












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