Installing UO Assist for Imagine Nation by Ean Highmoor "The Filthy Bard" and Kel'Tor.

These instructions will walk you thru the process of installing UO Assist for use with the Imagine Nation free UO Shard. If you need more information on how to use UO Assist then go to I wrote these instructions the way I wish I could at work, so suffer. If you are offended then I feel real bad your dad shoved a wooden spoon up your but as a kid. So on with the Instructions:

1. Down the damn files HERE.

2. Make a folder on your stupid computer. If you want it to work they way I did make it in your program files like the following. C:\Program Files\UOAssist\

3. Now unzip the file you downloaded in step one, to the folder you just made. If you don't know how to unzip or make folders, go slam your head in a car door.

4. This is for those that made to folder where I said in step 2. One of the files you unzipped is a shortcut, put the shortcut on your desktop.

5. If you made a different folder then I suggested then you will need to make a shortcut to you uoassist.exe file and place it on your desktop. Then edit the proerties target and add /JustUpdated /LaunchUO /NoPatch I won't go into details since you made your own folder you must be a computer guru and can figure it out.

6. Ok here is the big decision in order for UO Assist to work you have to rename a few files in your Ultima Online folder. If you do this you will have to change the names back to play "normal" OSI Ultima Online. Go to your UO folder and rename client.exe to newest-client.exe, then rename cl264.exe to client.exe.

7. Now for the moment of truth, double click the uo assist shortcut. Ultima Online should start at the login screen, click next and you will get a error window that pops up just click ok or press the enter key. then the rest should work normally.

8. Now you are in UO and walking around. You want to check out all the new leet features of UOA. well you have to enter a key before anything will work. Bring up the UOA window and look for a little question mar ? its in a box at the bottom right. A little window pops up now click register, now there is a text box labeled key. Enter the following key into that text box(try both of these keys one of em works, just forgot which one does.):

All keys below expire November 15, 2001

UOX/Sphere key:


Sphere key:


Now click ok and you should be all set. It will say Full Version Enabled in the UOA status bar if you did it rite.

9. If UOA doesn't work now then you screwed something up. Go back and re read the instructions now slowly and carefully. And if I screwed something up then let me know and tell me what I did wrong and I will change the step. But you must write what to do to get it to work, not Ean you are an idiot it didn't work! Cause I will laugh at you, it works on my machine, I could give a flying squirrel turd if it works on yours.

I would like to thank all those that made it possible.(Don't read this I am insane)

The Imagine Nation Crew:

Krystal Myth (for all his hard work and then fun we have, and for being a sick mofo on ICQ)

Xander (for all the cool quests and NPC's I get to kill "Death to ALL NPC's")

Justin Tyme (for the endless hours he slaves over the script files and all the cool stuff he does for everyone, and for giving me all those gm skills and items err....j/k)

Shadow (for being so nice to me and really trying to help....HAHAHA!)

Kel'Tor (for the old UOAssist.exe, and help getting it going)

Myself (for being so damn great, and pretty to!)

I would also like to thank:
Pea Nuts (you know who you are)

Other Utilities:

UO Assist Forever