The Department of Children and Family Services

The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) is a government implemented business that funds itself by selling America's children. Throughout America, an average of 3,000 children a day are stolen from their homes to fuel a multi-billion dollar money-making machine. To you, your children are your life. To the thousands of caseworkers, supervisors, therapists, judges, and doctors whose salaries are paid by this machine, your children represent job security. Fresh meat. Despite what they may have told you, your case is not a weird exception. They’re doing this to everyone.

The Federal Government pays the State several thousand dollars for each child the State can remove from its family, Adopted or Natural. The more children the State can take, the more federal money its child "welfare" system can rake in. Each year, hundreds of families fall prey to the Gestapo tactics of the Division of Child and Family Services. Current laws allow DCFS employees to remove ANY child from their home at any time for any reason. All they have to do is make up a reason. Then the parents, Natural, adoptive, or foster, have absolutely no right to be with their children. DCFS employees then proceed to brainwash children into believing that they were abused, Either physically, mentally, or sexually, All behind closed doors. The DCFS prefers Sexual abuse. They are more likely to win in court. IF you are accused of sexual abuse, the Idea of ' innocent until proven guilty' does not apply. The DCFS will use so called "child protection laws" to prevent you from defending yourself, and at the same time, present unverifiable evidence against you. How can they do that? Once again, these so called "child protection laws" prohibit the general public (even lawyers) from seeing what goes on behind closed doors to "protect the children".

Thinking of Adoption?                       BE VERY Careful!!!!!!!!

Hundreds of Americans apply to adopt a son or daughter every day. What they don't realize, is that when someone adopts children, the DCFS provides little or no history of the child that they are about to open their homes and lives to. Current laws allow them to do so. If a parent tries to get background information they will receive only what the DCFS wants them to have. Past abuse or mental illness is not revealed. To reveal the truth to adoptive parents may result in them changing their minds. And that leads to, you guessed it, no sale for DCFS. DCFS receives monies for placement and displacement.  The DCFS will tell you that the secrecy is to protect the Children. The so called "Child Protectors" have no other interest than to protect their own jobs. They are are probably (though i have no solid proof, YET!) trained not to get too close to the children to prevent conflict. The fact that DCFS has so much kept in secret is proof that they only have one objective.  MONEY.                            

The DCFS is Selling your children!

Beware the DCFS !

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