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Check out "Cosmic Eye" by Philip Staiger which is now on the cover of Dj D'Artagnan's new release, "ĈoN"!

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Be sure to check out The One Project for news regarding the event at the Olympics.

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John Paul Somnitz (Dj D'Artagnan) was born on February 3, 1979 in Troy, NY
John was always interested in music, but he did not actually attempt to compose
his first song until June 2000. He listens to many genres of music, but he mainly composes electronica or guitar instrumentals.
He is currently working on getting his studio back in order after a long hiatus. .


02/08/2006 - The Olympics and therefore the One Project are just around the corner. Keep checking back for details on how you all can hear the show!

02/03/2006 - ĈoN is now availiable! It's a complilation of Dj D'Artagnan's best work plus a couple new releases. Also today marks Dj D'Artagnan's 27th year on this great Earth.

01/23/2006 - My new album ĈoN will be released this week! It's a collection of music from throughout my career, plus some new tracks. Check it out at Artist Launch!!!.

12/28/2005 - After working on the project on and off for over two years Dj D'Artagnan's "The Winds of Mars" is now avaliable on Artist Launch!!!.

12/19/2005 - "The Winds of Mars" is done. The tracks are done. All the artwork is done. The album appears on my Artist Launch site. Everything on my end is completed and now it is up to my esteemed producers to get on the ball and release the album. I apologize to anyone that tries to purchase the CD and gets an error message. As soon as Artist launch finishes their business I'll let everyone know that it's avaliable. Thanks for listening and thank you all for your support.

12/18/2005 - After alot of contemplation I have decided not to re-release all my old albums. I will however release "The Winds Of Mars" that I have finally put together. I am also going to get a consensus of some friends I have in the industry to put together a compilation of the best tracks from my old albums and release a "best of." I will most likely not name it the "Best of Dj D'Artagnan" The first time around I only had a small following in Australia and most of the known universe has never even heard of me. I do appreciate all the good people down under for their support back then. You enabled me to pay my rent and studio fees for a while there. If anyone is interested, I'll keep you posted as to the eventual release dates of these two albums.

12/06/2005 - Work on the long awaited album "The Winds of Mars" is nearing completion. A release date will be announced soon. Some of the tracks from the new album are already avaliable on the Artist Launch site.

12/04/2005 - Dj D'Artagnan is now working with Artist Launch to get his music out to the public again. He has a New Site and will re-relase all his CD's as soon as he can get his masters in to Artist Launch

11/25/2005 - Well everyone, I've been gone for quite some time, but I'm coming back albeit slowly. A good friend of mine shook me out of my coma and impressed upon me that I need to share my music with the world again. Well at least share it with a half dozen people again. Anyway, I digress, the point is that I have written some new music and have completed some of the projects that I last mentioned two years ago.



These are mostly inside jokes ladies and gentlemen, so if you don't know me just go along.

"Musicians do their best work when the shit is hitting the fan." - John

"Nice fire" "I wonder if this soaked towel will burn?" "Lets find out." "I wonder if transmission fluid is flammable?" "Let's find out." "It is!" "I wonder if brake fluid is flammable?" "Let's find out." "It is!" "I wonder if power steering fluid and antifreeze are flammable?" "Go for it." "Whoah GREEN flames!!" "I see white flames." "The ground's on fire." "The ground's on fire!!" "Let's throw a lighter in!" "Stand back!" "BOOOM!" "Whoah!" "ooooh!" "THE GROUND IS ON FIRE!" "The concrete is on fire" "Let's put another lighter in." "Go for it" "BOOOM!" "The ground's on fire." "Are brake kleen and radiator flush flammable?" "Whoah!" "Stop that." "Whoa if you held that for two more seconds your hand would have blown up." "The ground's on fire"- Tony, F'n Ruther, James, John, Kristen, Morgan, and Stark

"Lunch...It's the breakfast of champions." - Chris

"I'm not going to say I don't trust you and I'm not going to say that I do...but I don't"" - Well Charlie Sheen originally, but more recently John.

"I'm 90ft Tall!!!" - People who know DMX. ;-)

"I'll swallow your soul!" - NYC Trip

"I like penguins. I like puffins too. They're ya know...they're kinda...I want to EAT one" - Matt Foster

"I want a rolaids, but only because they're pretty. Acutally they're evil and are trying to trick us" - John

"that was her fault tho, she should not allow that to happen... she is what we call in technical terms... well she was a dumbshit. -Bruno (My other "web guru" in regards to a woman that had her site hacked)

"This job sucks. Fuck you very much bossman you can stick this job up your ass." - John

Dj D'Artagnan would like to thank...

James Courtney aka Dj Sephiroth - For getting me back on track and working with me on my most recent projects.

Matt Foster - For helping me get my music career started. WALSTIB

Tim Shafroth - For giving constructive critisism, always being there, and worrying about me.

Chris Brownfield - For teaching me at least a small portion of his vast music knowledge.

Barb Halcovage - For all her support and for being my #1 fan. Love you.

Jay St.Gelais - For helping me with anything technical outside of music.

Jake Caim - For ripping off my music and putting it on Napster. Free Publicity!!!

Travis Cobb - For being you man and for "Broken Cigarette".

Matt Pait - For spreadin the good word.

Nich Benson - For the inspiration of "Euphoria".

Jeff Collins - For listening to my music and praying for me.

The Pit - For everything guys. What would I ever have done without you.

The Fashion Club - For starting my fan club ;).

All those who are or have been in the Mysterious Place - For attending the parties that have inspired me so many times.