yo, this is b's and my new site. we got some flows up now but we'll have more later. if u got any ideas for flows, drop us an email eok2020@aol.com (eric) or brandean@hotmail.com(brandon)
"his flows was weak, he got dookie streaks, mess wit my peeps, he gets water leaks, take a peak, at what he did, all that stuff get u messed up in the head" -tosh mosh

B Skizzy's Flows

THIS IS FOR DA CREW!(nick,eric,kev,matt and me brandon) We went down to magee, to shoot some baskets. This shot went up it looked slow like malassis. i said o shit who was dat, It was an odd lookin cat. he went by da name of greg taper. his speed was as slow as a piece of paper. paper doesnt move unless there is a breeze. he let out a fart to freeze a bee. all of us guyz say hes a wierdo. his words were really clear dough. he claims he has game and he can beat us. i told him all he has to us is his gay lust. he tried to watch me and i felt all older. i put da ball around his shoulders. he said your weak u cant beat me, i gave him da ball and he drove it to me. he brought it to da hole and hung it up there. i soared in da air and gave him a glare. i sent da ball back to da hoop over there. eric ran over and said hey now me greg stepped up and he was tired a heap. e said yo im gonna cross you over. greg blinked and got shook all over. we all were laughin at his foolish face.Even matt said he could make greg feel like a disgrace. matt pulled up in gregs face.none of us knew matt had a J. matt said now whats up boy. greg said man ill play you like my boy. matt said eww i aint gay.greg said dats not what u said yesterday. nick said aight man let me do you dirty. nick has da bald dome that looks real purty. nick did a 3 move kris kross combo. i looked up at greg and he was doin da sombo. why was he dancin i said real loud. he said us odd guys are gay and proud. kev said now i am gonna pull da fade away on you and then do you dirty like my boyz do. kev spun past like iverson at da most. he shot up da J and it swished like joke. we all said ohh shit is greg ok. greg fell on his weak ass name brand frito leg. greg had tears comin outta his eyes. we al looked at him and said get outta here weak guy. he left wit avengence out da door all us guys said were hard core. were da hardest hoopers around. we will all be on dice hoopin year round.

I was at da mall drinkin a sprite shake playin a game takin a break. admirin da girls wit da wobblin walks and then there was da flirty talk. thats when i seen her. her name was Rel. she had da kinda ass that made you bite your nails. her eyes were as flashing as da lightning. then she wispered in my ear under da lighting. she said maybe ill call you. i said girl yo wit a devilish grin. you got da kinda face dat puts playaz outta business. She just smiled and went to get some paper. Few minutes later my friend called me a playa. I said no courtney playins for haterz.

Im chillin, killin watchin da game. I would have a bud but my mom is lame. I wanna go outside but da weathers wack, its freezin out there I gotta get a cap, My dawg e dub has a sweet ass J. My homie KC scores all day. My dawg nick williams breaks up da press, jukin(jew ken) up ballers like its nothin less. Then theres me, da B SKIZZY. I am da man my J is weak, I bang all threes, my handles sweet, my girl's 5 feet, shes on da crew team, shes not actually my girl, but shes a hottie!

I aint no pimp, well i dont wanna be. i get all girls cause my mind is sweet, my dawg lil timmy he is a short player, i have a lil hair, my waves are there, my boys dont care, pimpin is rare, tim dont care, he is a lil player, i said that twice, im scared of mice, i dont have lice, if ur a playa think nice, no hoes tonight, money alright, my flows are tight, my game is sweet, i cant be beat, my flow is complete!

O wait up! i got some more, ill be back, quit bangin on da door, im no playa, i gets no play, all i get, are hugs and heys, i never ever get any hand jobs, but then again, i cant spell bob, who is he, what is that, bob is why i get smacked, bob has no, mind of his own, bob is da man of da land not shown, please believe me im as clean as a candle, mess wit me and u'll get man handled, to conclude this, i am pissed, i cant remember what my last name is, what is it, who is this, get off my page, your dismissed!

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E-Dub's Flows

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