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Name: Alex.

Age: 17.

Gender: Definitely male.

Education: eh?

Interests: Web building, Computer related security, basic programming, sleeping, social smoking, solitary/social drinking.




(Do not question content; if I put them here, they are worth a visit).



Sometimes a name change is wise

Warning: Handicapped man eating crocodile at the bottom of hill.



Shhh it’s a secret



Bit drastic?!!!!









The church knows best!


The ultimate irony






Idaho pot, 10lb bag deal put local street dealers out of work.



Please leave your soul at the front gate.



Only in America…


Secret Entrance revealed!


Amen brother!


A typo possibly?



Turbo bar stool? (awesome)



We be edumacated



Not the kind of film you see everyday



Amazingly we never made it to London…




This works for C. Gardiner. (Sometimes)



Nice one my lad!



You wont find it funny when you sober up




     Wow another secret…



Fair enough



I think ill keep driving



Moral dilemma



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