It's me

My name is TORY. I live in a small town in washington state. I love to ride dirt bikes. School

School is okay here where i live. I am passing all my classes and i intend to go to college when i get out of here. The only sport i play is Football. I intend to keep playing through the time i am at this H.S. I am also going to do more sports on the upcoming year. I am not popular and i dont care to be because i dont like most of the people that are.

Dirt bikes

Dirt bikes have been a great part of what i like and want to do. I started out with a KX105 and i have it still and i am getting a bigger 125 or 250. I stick mainly with 2 stroke bikes because i like them better than 4 stroke. My favorite bike is the KTM. They are not very popular here because we dont get many in the US, they are imports from somewhere in Europe. I havent raced, but i am going to race when i get a bigger bike. I see no point in racing a little 105, that 105 was a good bike to me, but i just need something faster with more power. What i am thinking of getting is a YZ 125.

The bike i wish i had "link to KTM dirtbikes"

Link To "Why I Like Them"