The Sock Hop

BiffyMidnightHey all mew cool cats and hep chicks. Welcome to Catmandu's Grand Opening Sock Hop. We're your hosts and leaders of Catmandu Village - Biffy and Midnight. We hope you have lots of fun tonight at the Grand Opening. There's lots of good eats and drinks, fifties music, and more so grab a soda and burger, mingle and make some new furriends or maybe catch up with some old friends.

The food and beverages are courtesty of Cats Getaway Cafe with special thanks to Luv and Salem fur purrparing the eats.

Charmin' Charlie will be your DJ tonight. If you have any special requests, purrlease ask.

Charmin Charlie

Cool Dude! I'm Charmin Charlie - Midnight's new Brofur and this purrty gal is my wink-wink Sweet Sassy. I'll be your rocking DJ tonight, so kick back, get some eats, and have some fun. Furrst up is At The Hop.

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Song is "At The Hop"

Words to "At The Hop"

2001 Biffy York and Midnight H