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Clean Your Entire Home, Vehicle and Office With Just Water, No Chemicals!

Enviro-Wipe Micro Fiber Cloths Are Environmentally Friendly, Machine Wash and Dry and Last for Years!
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The Micro Fiber Cloth
The most amazing and effective environmental cleaner is now here! And, it uses the world's most environmentally friendly cleaning solvent: water! Micro fiber cloths will clean EVERYTHING you own: simply wet, wring, wipe and walk away! The environmentally friendly wiping cloths are an innovative way to clean with no chemicals. Micro fibers will...

tick Clean Glass Streak Free With No Windex, No Paper Towel, and No Drying!
tick Save Time and Money - no more costly chemicals - no more polishing!
tick Clean Your Entire Bathroom - even remove soap scum!
tick Dust Everything!
tick Clean Your Entire Kitchen!
tick Clean Vehicles - Inside and Out!
tick Remove Makeup!

Micro fibers combine two natural forces to make the most effective environmentally friendly cleaner:

STATIC ELECTRICITY: When dry and used to wipe away dust, every speck of dust is sucked into the cloth using Static Electricity.

CAPILLARY FORCE: When damp and used to wipe away dirt or grease, millions of fine tubes in the weave of the cloth greedily suck in the dirt using Capillary Force. Capillary Force is the phenomenon where fluid rises inside a tube higher than the surface level outside the tube when the tube is lowered into the fluid.

Micro fiber is a washable fabric and you need to wash the cloths with detergent every now and then to keep them effective. Depending on the quality of the micro fiber washing instructions will vary. Not all micro fibers are equal. Some can only be washed 50 times before wearing out and some can be washed over 500 times.

There are many different textures of micro fibers as well. Generally, the thicker the cloth, the more dirt it can soak up. Thick cloth are best used for heavier cleaning jobs. Thicker cloths are usually always knitted cloths. My rule of thumb for the thicker cloths is that if they feel "sticky" when dry, (an indication there are "hooks" on the micro fibers), they are excellent for scrubbing but not good for surfaces that can scratch. Soft cloths don't feel "sticky" when dry but have a bit of a "fuzzy" look to them, (an indication the "hooks" have been polished off), make excellent dusters as they are usually gentle on all surfaces. Soft cloths also work well on vehicles to clean or to chamois dry. They can be used for scrubbing but will take a little more elbow grease. The thinner the cloth, the less dirt it will soak up. Thinner cloths will usually always do a much better job on glass. If glass is fairly dirty, you will have to wipe with a thicker cloth first. Glass cleaning cloths can vary greatly in how they feel. Generally, they are a woven cloth and can be like linen, silk, etc.

At Enviro-Wipe we have been searching the world for the best micro fiber cleaning cloth to make available and after testing several samples from various countries, have found an excellent cloth made in Korea.

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