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 Hello! J All of you fellow surfers out there in Internet Land. Let me introduce myself for those of whom are not acquainted with me. I'm Brenda Quintana and this is my home page created by me, of course. I'm still working on revising/updating it. So, please be patient with me. It's still under construction…………


I am currently employed as a part-time student worker at Harrisburg Area Community College in the Lebanon Campus, where I am attending an Associates Degree program for Micro computer specialist. Majoring in Computer Information Systems, where my interests lies in the most. Since, taking this class--Internet Literacy, it has enabled me to create a web page of my own, increasing my curiosity and interest in becoming more knowledgeable in web page making and mastering techniques of web sites.


I have a very busy life-style being a single-parent with 3 children at home, work and study. Plus, volunteer now and again. I am also the proud grandparent of two beautiful grandchildren, of my oldest daughter.


One of my goals is to become employed in the computer field--what I enjoy most-- and attain my Associates degree in CIS; Reach for higher goals; Succeed and Accomplish my Career Goals.


A Web Page Project: Joyce's Eatery: (I enjoyed creating this Assignment)