That's me! Baby Jenny pictured above : )

Welcome to my page. If you don't know me you'll find out lots of stuff about someone you don't know : ). If you do know me you'll find out more about me, or get a review of me. Ok, I'm currently a senior at Nazareth Academy High School in Rochester, New York. I play soccer, bowling, and softball for my school. I also like to play bball, and I've tried tennis a few times and I like that too. My friends at school know that I tend to fall asleep in my classes. Hehe, it's really bad when it's your AP class though. I'm 5'6", dark blonde hair, gray-blue eyes. I love my cats Humphrey and Sara, they are so cute : ). I'm currently looking into colleges, the four I'm looking to apply to are: SUNY Geneseo, Colgate University, John Carroll University, and Stonehill College. Anyone going there? anyone, anyone, Bueller? Bueller? I am currently in a relationship right now with my very cool b/f Jameson, so don't harrass me or he'll beat you up, lol right Jameson? I want to notice my cool friends Kari, Debbie, Stephy, the other stephy, Patricio (Patrick), Annie, and everyone else, if I forgot you, don't feel bad, b/c I forget things sometimes, but you are still important to me. I'm 17 right now, I'll be 18 November 23, 2001. I have one older sister, a younger one, and a younger brother. And we all don't get along : ). alright, I can't think of anything else right now to write about myself.
Here is my sister Laura (left), myself (center), and my brother Matt (right) in California at Venice beach. Larua and I both got belly chains at the beach, and my brother got a Hawaiian shirt....right