The Bloodhound Gang

A Review

This is the entrance to my site. Before you come in, I'd like you to be warned of what is contained within it. I do not want to be responsible for any offense that is taken. So please look at this:
This site is about a band. This band is one that many people adore *gag* and that most intelligent people abhore (I thought a rhyme might be cute there). This band's songs include inappropriate content. It contains:

Basically, they're a stupid band with nothing better to do than to write songs about stupid things. They're goal is to offend EVERYBODY. They're not smart enough to find something better to do.
I am not, by any means, encouraging them. I am making a site that is supposed to be against them. However, in order to do so, I must expose the material. So if you are a child, you'd better ask mommy's permission.

So if you like The Bloodhound Gang, if you hate them, or if you've never heard of them and are old enough to make the decision to like or hate them, you are welcome. Enter below, but please note: I did not put as much time into the "non frame" version as I did the "frames" version, because I figured (maybe wrongly), that most people on the internet have a frames-capable browser.


Also, I am sorry for the pop-ups. I just can't stand banners on the page itself. I can't stand pop-ups either, but they make the page itself more aesthetic.