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Hello and Welcome, 


If you’re like me, you have searched the net for ways to make money without spending any.  If so, this is for you. 


This is the EASIEST money maker you will ever find. It's FREE, takes less than 2 hours a month and you can make $500 or more!!!!




Nitroclicks, Inc.  It's an internet marketing and advertising company.  Companies pay Nitroclicks to deliver traffic to their websites.  This means Nitroclicks needs to get the traffic from somewhere. That's where people like you and me come in. 


What do you have to do?


All you have to do is sign up (for FREE!), then do the tasks they e-mail you.  Do a task, get paid.  You will receive 22-26 e-mails per month containing 1 task each.  The tasks are usually really simple (ex: asking you to visit a website).  Sometimes they are a little more complicated (asking you to register at a particular website).  These tasks don't take long - since I've been in I've found each task averages about 5 minutes.  If you don't want to do a task, you don't have to.  Tasks are different each time and are chosen according to your personal interests.


How much money do you get?


You can make A LOT of money with this!  You get:
$6.00 when you register,


$3.00 for each task you do,


10% of all the revenue that the people you refer make, and


5% of all the revenue that people THEY refer make. 


It's a five level deep MLM so you can make money down 5 levels!!! 


All money is paid in US funds. The standard check is $500 and International Members are welcome.


Here is the link to the sign up page:


If you want to check out the facts first, visit   If you click “join” from this page PLEASE make sure to put my name - kiplyn - in the referral name box so I will get credit for you joining (you can cheat and not put my name, of course, but putting my name costs you nothing and it ensures you will have good karma) or come back here and click on the top link - my name will already be on the sign up form. 


This truly is the CHEAPEST (can't get much cheaper than FREE!) and EASIEST money maker you will ever find!!!!  I wish you the very best of luck!