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  This site is for all the astronomers out there that want a site thats got want they want and need. Not only does it have info for the school kids but it has sites for the mad astronomers around the world. Now sit back and have a look around.


       For the history of astronomy, click here.                                                  resisedhistory.gif (1075 bytes)               
       For some of the astronomers mentioned, click here.                                   astronomer.gif (921 bytes)
       For the astronomers of today, click here.                                                  todaysastronomers.gif (1069 bytes)
       For some major finds from then and now, click here.                                  finds.gif (894 bytes)
       For some sites for you, click here.                                                            4uicon.gif (883 bytes)
       For the sites i used in the making of this site, click here.                            bricks.gif (1097 bytes)
       For a plug on the society i belong to, click here.                                        assw.gif (897 bytes)
       Some sounds and media, click here.                                                         soundsicon.gif (915 bytes)                   
       Telescopes and equipment for the keen astronomers. Click here.                equipicon.gif (991 bytes)
       For some pictures to use in projects and displays, click here.                       pictures.gif (959 bytes)
       To get to know the maker of this site, Rhys James, better, click here.        Wavehand.gif (6452 bytes)
       For a site with some cool drawings done by me and my mate, click here.
       For my brothers site he made on Motocross Madness, click here.