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Hi there! You've reached AngCobra's web page, Thanks for stopping by, This web page contain pages about things that interest me, Anime, Fanfics and Weapons.  Please feel free to look around and Please Sign the Guestbook below,  A lot of the pages  here will have their own Guest book. If you like this site, Please bookmark this site and visit often and tell your friends to visit. I will be making weekly changes and additions.

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If you're a Single Female and wish to learn more about me, please click Here updated.gif (170 bytes)1-13-2000

My Photo Album Updated.gif (170 bytes)05-05-2001 or try it's Mirror Site Here   

My interest are:


Anime  updated.gif (170 bytes) 05-05-2001  or try it's Mirror Site Here   

Fanfics updated.gif (170 bytes) 05-05-2001 or try it's Mirror Site Here   

AnimeExpo 1999 Cosplayers pictures Updated.gif (170 bytes) 11-12-2000 

AnimeExpo 2000 Cosplayers pictures Updated.gif (170 bytes) 12-03-2000 or try it's Mirror Site Here   


Jim Bader's Fanfics Updated.gif (170 bytes) Constantly being updated or try it's Mirror Site Here   

DB Sommer's Fanfics Updated.gif (170 bytes) 06-03-2001 or try it's Mirror Site Here   

Trella's Fanfics Updated.gif (170 bytes) 06-02-2001 or try it's Mirror Site Here   


Link Page 1Updated.gif (170 bytes) 05-05-2001 or try it's Mirror Site Here   

Link Page 2Updated.gif (170 bytes) 11-12-2000  Contains all the links in all of my other webpages or try it's Mirror Site Here   

Firearmsupdated.gif (170 bytes) 04-01-2000

Main Weapons Pageupdated.gif (170 bytes) 03-12-2001 contains links to all of my new Weapons Page like Batons, Knives, Swords, etc...  or try it's Mirror Site Here   

Miscellaneous Page   Not yet active, to be developed when I have more time.


Charles B. Fisher's Kajukenbo WebpageUpdated.gif (170 bytes) 08-08-2000 This is my Karate Instructor's webpage, but I'm the Webmaster for it.





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