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I see like all conspiracy theories in alt.discuss this site enjoys a regular trodding out. Actually, until the most recent posting of this address at the groups I didn't even realize this webhost was still up. I should have put a great money maker on it:) Contrary to any rumors being spread this site is not an intentional biased archive carefully constructed to look this way or that. It is simply a project I started when I wanted to learn a few things about search engines and the experience did work it's way into a page that matters away from alt.discuss. Since my page had no way to access the newsreader directly posts had to be forwarded one at a time, a lengthy process on WebTV. At first I sent a few threads, but did not have time to archive the whole group which was moving quite fast at the time and threads that were archived could have new posts appear in the groups for up to 30 days. My attempts to recruit assistance in saving posts resulted in an initial bit of submissions that quickly withered and when my hard drive crashed I lost the setup I had to extract the forwarded posts and munge the part of the e-mail addresses. I never got around to finding that software again and went on to other interests. Although the "hate and envy" that courses through our alt.discuss has given birth to some entertaining times, it's not so entertaining the dozenth time around. I'll take my reruns on TV, thank you:) I thought about pulling the page, but decided that since the same people are making the same accusations in 2002 that they were in 1998, if nothing else these posts will show the newbies of 2006 that there is nothing new under the sun.