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What is the Animation Collaboration Network?

We are a group of 3D animators, 3D modelers, script writers, musicians, voice-over artists, directors and producers

that work on 3D short films, if you are interested in joining please join the news group above


The Aim of The Group

The aim of this group is to get all the hobbyist and students of the world working together on 3D projects over the Internet because when you're just doing 3D models it's hard to think of something to model, or an animator to get a good model to animate and thinking of something to get the character to do, or a director getting something to direct and a writer getting their story produced and so on


This group can help you in a few ways

if you have done a short animated film ( your showreel ) and want a musical score

post a message to the newsgroup asking for a musicians' help and hopefully things will get done


OR if you have some 3D models that you want animated and a story made for them contact the script writers and animator's in the newsgroup

Then once a story has been written, the voice over artists will be contacted then the project will be edited and we have a finished project :)

hopefully anyway :)


The structure of the projects will be something like this

writer posts a script ( I post it on the web page in the newprojects section )

members then post to the newsgroup or e-mail the writer telling him they want to work on his project

writer decides if he will be the director or hands the directors roll on to some else in the project's group

the director is then put into a dictator roll in the working group making all the final decisions

he picks who's in the working group and who's not. Also decides what platform the project will be based in ( Lightwave, 3D MAX , hash animator etc.)

or how it should be broken up ( First scene done in Maya By Jill , Second done in 3D MAX By Fred, Third in Lightwave By Bill. Etc. )

those aren't real people I just made the names up :) hehehe ( so please don't e-mail me asking for Jill's phone number or e-mail address ) LOLOL

then the director finds all the members he needs included voice-over artists , musicians and a film editor ( if no one in the group can do the final edit )

if he can't fill all the positions he posts to the news group again calling for more members for help

after some time the project should be done :)


also if you are just a hobbyist working less then 10 hours a week on 3d etc. Projects will be open to you too

but you guys will just have to grab a script and have heaps of other hobbyists involved

so for the more proactive members working 10 hours or more a week may only need 3 modellers & 3 animators

you hobbyists could be shooting for 10 or 15 people for each animation and modeling position

( the director would be working a lot harder in this situation please remember that :)

or you could just take your time and enjoy a small group which is what this group is all about linking the right people together :)


there are NO rules what so ever regarding length or type of short ( can be 10 seconds long or an hour and half long) and film censorship sucks but remember if it is R rated or X rated it's going to be hard to get people to look at it ( X rated films will NOT be posted on this site so you'll have to look elsewhere to show the film)

I would think 640X480 is a practical resolution limit or even less. We are mainly aiming these shorts for Internet viewing, so the smaller the file size the better :) and we will use MPEG1 video compression, it's clear and you can get encoders free from other websites ( links will be added to the links section soon )

And remember, use the newsgroup as much as possible. If you need a model for a project, post your request to the newsgroup, someone might have just the thing you need sitting in there 3D content directory !

there WILL be people dropping out of projects but please pass the work you have done to the director so he can find someone else before you fall off the planet completely :)

lastly the money you want for all the work you have done, will come up at some time whether it's a rock band posting their music and they want someone to do a 3D filmclip or a product visualization that a company wants done on the cheap

I suggest that the money be divided by the number of people +2 in the project, then everyone gets one share and the director gets 2 shares and the Animation Collaboration Network gets the last share to pay for web site costs etc.

BUT if money is involved at the start this should be decided when the work group is forming to save any bitter fighting before the money comes in

Please Note I didn't create this site & group to make any money for myself in anyway, I just want to make sure that this idea lives on and doesn't die At the moment this idea has only cost me some of my time I hope to keep it that way :)

if you have any other idea/s or rules that should be added, please post your idea/s to the newsgroup!


Thanks to all the members who have join the group in just the first few days since i started it

We have sorted out ALOT of things hopfully i have covered them with this page


Most Joy :)

Peter Thomas email me ...... ICQ 120591432

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