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Yep, that's me. Alex.

Alex Carpenter is a musican and student. His interests include food, well-tuned music, wine glasses, coffee, and early Greek philosophy.

Alex spends most of his time thinking about, defining, and single-mindedly pursuing his own philosophy, which is marked by an equation (and distrust) of physicality, movement, temporality, distraction, and evil.

For the past two years Alex has been writing music strictly in Just Intonation. This is a tuning system within which the wave pattern relationship of each musical interval can be defined in terms of a whole-number ratio. It is distinct from the current standard tuning system, equal temperament, in which all intervals (apart from the octave) are fundamentally "out of tune".

Alex is currently undertaking a research Masters degree at Monash University in Melbourne, where he receives supervision in both music and philosophy departments.

In 2002, Alex and some of his friends, collectively called The Celestial Band, will present a concert of music written entirely for tuned wine glasses as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival. Why not come along?

More stuff: The Celestial Band, Sound Files, Writing, Fringe Show, Links, Recipe Archive, email.